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 8 persons  All levels

Ingredients :

> 6 egg whites
> Double the weight of egg whites of very fine sugar
> 5 dl whole cream
> 1 small pot of mascarpone
> 1 small pot of chestnut cream
> 6 sweet chestnuts
Approx. 150 gr of flaked almonds roasted in advance

MERINGUES | prepare the day before |

1 | 6 egg whites at room temperature, | take them out at least 3-4 hours before from the fridge beaten to a firm snow.

2 | Add in 5 times at the end double the weight of the egg whites fine sugar, if not grind it... | in no case add a 1 pinch of salt that brings out the water and destabilizes the meringue |

3 | With a socket pastry bag form 3 discs of 23 -24 cm approx on 3 plates covered with parchment paper.

4 | Cook 1h 30 | dry egg whites | in a preheated oven to 110 degrees. | hot air |

5 | The meringue is cooked when it is easily peeled off the paper ... stop the oven and leave the meringues in it all night long.

6 | The next day beat the cream firmly to a whipped cream. Add 1 to 2 paquets of support cream mix with the mascarpone and 4 tablespoons of chestnut cream. Mix | not all as leave some ribbons of chestnut cream | everything with a spatula.

When ready to cover the first disc with this mixture, add some chilled candied chestnuts.

Likewise for the second disc, put on the third disc with a spatula cover the tower and the top it off with the cream mixture.

Sprinkle with the shaved and dry roasted almonds tapered, garnish the center with one or two glazed chestnuts.

Keep in the fridge until serving.