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Confit tomatoes with thyme and mozzarella mousse with truffle oil

Serves: 15-20  All levels


> Medium sized tomatoes
> 2 mozzarellas
> 500 g cream
> Toast bread
> Garlic
> Thyme
> Basil
Fleur de sel and pepper
> Truffle oil
> Olive oil


1 | Cut off the top of the tomatoes and empty them.

2 | With the inside of the tomoates, make a brunoise.

3 | Confit the outside of the tomatoes and their tops seasoned with olive oil, thyme and garlic in the oven at 160 ° C for 30 min.

| Boil the cream, add the mozzarella cubes and let it melt in the cream. Season and add the truffle oil before mixing in the blender. Pass through a sieve and place in an emulsifier.

Toast the bread in the oven and then cut it with two circles of different sizes.

Season the brunoise with basil tomato, fleur de sel, pepper and olive oil.

Fill the confit tomatoes with the brunoise then add the mozzarella mousse from the emulsifier.