• Beyond sushi: what do the Japanese really eat at home? | 09.30.2021

Beyond sushi: what do the Japanese really eat at home? | 09.30.2021

How many times have you asked a Japanese person about making sushi to be told, "we don't really make sushi at home, we cook other things"? 

What do the Japanese really eat at home? What is representative of mama's home cooking?

Join us for an evening where Christine Syrad shows you what she grew up eating at her mum and grandma's dining table. For this iteration we will go for some of the classics, things you may have eaten without having yet been to Japan. Since Christine runs a fermentation start-up, she will provide plenty of traditional vegetable ferments to accompany the meal.

The menu:

- Seasonal vegetable miso soup

- Spinach salad with okara

- Miso dengaku with seasonal vegetables

- Karaage (fried chicken) three ways - classic, beer&miso and with koji

- Takikomi gohan with mushrooms (flavoured rice)

- Kinako cake with matcha butter cream


 14 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 139 chf | including meal, recipes and apron for the class, excluding drinks |


ISP AGENCEMENTS Route de l’Areuse 8, CORTAILLOD Parking places right in front of the showroom


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