• Homemade ramen | 05.10.2022

Homemade ramen | 05.10.2022

Originally from China, these noodles in broth have evolved over time to adapt to local tastes and ingredients to become one of the main dishes of popular Japanese restaurants.

Ramen-ya (ramen restaurants) are very popular with Japanese people because of the multitude of combinations of ingredients and tastes they offer as well as their speed of service. During this cooking class, alongside sushi master Noriko Goto, we will prepare together:

- Ramen noodles (flour),
- Broth,
- Chashu (grilled pork)
- Nitamago (marinated eggs).

And as in Ramen restaurants in Japan you often order gyozas with Ramen, we will also make gyozas with a typical stuffing with pork and cabbage.



| A welcome drink will be offered |


 14 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 139 chf | including meal, recipes and apron for the class, excluding drinks |


ISP AGENCEMENTS Route de l’Areuse 8, CORTAILLOD Parking places right in front of the showroom


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