Saving time in the kitchen...

... means having more time for apéro. "The one thing that transformed my experience in the kitchen is basic chopping skills. Not carving roses out of tomatoes or anything like that, but being able to do my daily mise en place in a fraction of the time. Having taught fermentation and cooking classes since 2015, one thing I’ve noticed is that we have all been muddling our way with knives," explains Christine Syrad. We weren’t properly taught how to chop and it’s not our fault! It’s the most fundamental thing one can improve on to take a 30 minute recipe and cut it down to 15.

Spending less time chopping ingredients = more time and energy for prepping ingredients for the coming week, maximizing fresh produce and making sure nothing goes to waste. If you add a few quick ferments to the mix, you have condiments you can grab and use to elevate your dishes and cut down further on cooking time. In Japan we eat many dishes at each meal, so we learn to optimize our prep time and rotate components throughout the week while still mixing up flavours.

In this cooking class we will cover the following:

- How to use a chef’s knife safely
- Basic ways to chop your fruits and vegetables
 Storing the vegetables we’ve chopped for the week ahead
- Prepping up to 3 meals at a time without spending hours in the kitchen
- Making a miso-based sauce you can use in any stir-fry
 Making a salad dressing you can keep for weeks
 Making a marinade you can reach for meat or meat alternatives
 Lacto-fermenting the bits and pieces we’d normally put in the compost
 Preparing a meal together for the evening but also going home with pre-prepped ingredients for the next day

| A welcome drink will be offered to you by Grillette, Domain de Cressier|


 14 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 159 chf | Meal, ingredients, recipe cards, apron for the class, paired wine with the dishes & coffee included |




Important informations:

All subscriptions are final.

If you are not able to attend the cooking class for which you have registered, you can send your registration to a third party, under the condition of notifying us in writing |info@leslaboratoiresculinaires | no later than 6 hours before the class begins.

Please notify us of any severe food allergies by indicating it during check-out or by writing to us | | no later than 10 working days before the date of the chosen class.