SUSHI TIME | 02.03.2024

Sushi has evolved immensely from its origins hundreds of years ago and in recent decades it has undergone further transformation, thanks also to the influence of sushi chefs outside of Japan.

Yumiko Schaerer would like to invite you to learn the history and basics of sushi making, as well as how you can add a touch of your own creativity using what is locally available. 

The Japanese cuisine is a diplay of mastery of the adoption and adaptation of foreign cuisines, so let's take a leaf out of their book and colour outside the lines a little.

The Menu:

- Nigiri sushi
- Maki sushi
- Gunkan

| A welcome drink will be offered to you by Grillette, Domain de Cressier |


 14 participants 

 All levels

 10.30 am - 1.30 pm

 149 chf | Meal, ingredients, recipe cards, apron for the class, paired wine with the dishes & coffee included |




Important informations :

All subscriptions are final.

If you are not able to attend the cooking class for which you have registered, you can send your registration to a third party, under the condition of notifying us in writing | | no later than 6 hours before the class begins.

Please notify us of any severe food allergies by indicating it during check-out or by writing to us | no later than 10 working days before the date of the chosen class.