Of course we’d all like to buy organic, locally grown produce, whether it be meat, grains or vegetables. It’s not exactly cheap, though. We don’t all have time to cook meals from scratch daily and sometimes produce goes to waste, so why spend the money?

Christine Syrad and the Les laboratoires culinaires team are obsessive about spending their food money in line with the Slow Food philosophy. Buying clean, fair, seasonal and good produce is where our cooking process starts. Through Christine's tips and recipes, we’d like to show you how to make the most of your ingredients (whole utilization) as well as how to cleverly cook more than one thing at a time when presented with an abundance of an ingredient.

In this cooking class Christine will introduce you to a selection of seasonal zero waste recipes (most of which freeze exceptionally well), but equally importantly, will pepper the class with tips and tricks along the way. You will likely be unable to dodge the fermentation wisdom she’ll throw your way as it’s an excellent tool to have in a Zero Waste kitchen.


| An example of cooking class content |

- Cabbage core and cauliflower leaf miso soup (made with vegetable scrap bouillon)
- Whole roasted cauliflower with orange and beet dip
- Citrusy potato and celery salad with sagohachi (Japanese koji condiment)
- Beet Kvass (fermented beetroot drink to take home, with a recipe for Borscht)
- Sauerkraut with Orange Zest and celery leaves (to take home)
- Celery salt (to take home)
- Fermented Bitter Citrus syrup (to take home)

Some elements of the sit down meal will be prepared in advance to allow time for you to make the take home elements.

| A welcome drink will be offered to you by Grillette, Domain de Cressier|


 14 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 149 chf | Meal, ingredients, recipe cards, apron for the class, paired wine with the dishes & coffee included |




Important informations:

All subscriptions are final.

If you are not able to attend the cooking class for which you have registered, you can send your registration to a third party, under the condition of notifying us in writing |info@leslaboratoiresculinaires | no later than 6 hours before the class begins.

Please notify us of any severe food allergies by indicating it during check-out or by writing to us | | no later than 10 working days before the date of the chosen class.