grand chef

  • You're looking for an original gift for a wedding you're attending?

    Look no further! We have the perfect gift!

    Marriage is the most beautiful day in the life of a couple. For this occasion, offer them a gift that will stay forever in their hearts and minds. Give the newlyweds a GIFT CARD for 2 for a COOKING CLASS or a CHEF AT HOME. They will spend several hours enjoying their time together, learning new skills and enhancing their taste buds, which will create unforgettable memories for the rest of their lives.

    We have 4 different gift cards to choose from...

  • Come and see us at the "Marché du terroir" on September 9th in Neuchâtel

    If you are passing through the city of Neuchâtel on September 9th, there will be a market of local products (Marché du terrior) in the framework of festivities of Neuchâtel The City of Taste 2017. We will be installed in a small chalet filled with some products that we will have made by then. There will be products that were presented at the Les Gloutons du lac (gomasio, preserved lemons and chili olive oil), but also new products and some products from our partners.

    Is it also an opportunity for you to fill up on granola. We are delighted to see you there!

  • A tiny moment...simply wonderful

    We went a little way together ... it was not long ... just a tiny bit ... 2 sessions to tame, have fun, tinker, understand, share her vision of things, seeing that the happiness of the senses is above all a personal step, that every moment counts ... Through the poetry of Judith, we turned a little bit more inwards, we confided, we recognized childhood perfumes and we unveiled ourselves.

    In the end, the ingredients are not important as long as you put your heart on the plate.

    Thank you Judith for coming to see us and for having awakened these feelings at home and see you soon! Thank you to all our participants for these nice moments of complicity!