Lactofermentation cooking class for professionnels


In over eight years of hosting fermentation workshops, including for professionals, (four years with Les Laboratoires Culinaires), making and selling her own fermented products, working in restaurants and hosting pop-up dinner events, Christine Syrad has put together a mental album of unique uses for fermentation.

Christine stands by her belief that fermentation should be regarded as a cooking method first and means of preservation second. By this she means that flavour and enjoyment are her priorities. However, she doesn’t dare overlook the potential for safeguarding flavours for a later season and employing the concept of whole utilization, which yields rarely exploited flavours on the cheap but also ensures little goes to waste. Learning to ferment means you stand to harvest twice, even three times as much from your raw ingredients.

Christine's goal is to set you up with a library of funk you can pull ingredients out of whenever you need them. Your selection will continue to evolve and will be easy to replenish. Think of it as mise en place for future you. Saving time and money alone should be enough of an incentive to introduce fermentation to your workplace.

During this cooking class, Christine will walk you through the fundamentals of fermentation. Wild fermentation is as simple as boiling pasta, but it's what you do with it that counts. Christine will show you how to go far beyond basic Sauerkraut. You’ll learn how to bring your ferments alive in hot sauces, meat-tenderizing marinades, sauces, cocktails, or desserts.

Turmeric, ginger, bitter orange and habanero hot sauce slathered on koji-tenderized fried chicken or sweet amazake marinated tofu garnished with sweet and salty kumquats, anyone?

You’ll cook a meal together using ingredients Christine will have fermented in advance and you’ll be free to bombard her with questions while you dine.


Here is what to expect from a six hour class:

 A pro class with up to 8 people (no prior fermentation knowledge required)

 An extensive tasting session

 Theory of fermentation

 A Japanese spin on local ingredients

 Tools to upgrade the umami in your vegetarian or vegan dishes

 Prepping ideas for new dishes

 Advice on how to avoid food waste through fermentation

 Many fermented products to take home

 An extensive handout

 Lots of time to ask questions and talk to peers


 This course is best held in English but French, German and Italian (Japanese too, of course) is also available upon request.

 Christine is able to travel to your place of work or host you at Les Laboratoires Culinaires in Cortaillod or in her Atelier in Bienne.

Contact us for more information or a personalized offer.