Cooking is an art of respectful ... living!



Les laboratoires culinaires is a school wholly dedicated to the gastronomic exploration and whose mission is to raise awareness in the preparation of local, seasonal food.

The mission we have given ourselves is to give a new dimension to raw and healthy food in terms of originality and offering solutions to reduce waste in the context of sustainable development and environmentally friendly consumption.

There is much talk of ecological footprint and to save our planet's resources. At our level, we can already take action: to reconsider our consumption. Buy local and seasonal products is one that is within everyone’s reach.




Learn from top chefs



We often feel overwhelmed by the crops and do not know how to vary the ways we cook a seasonal product. Each product is perhaps unique, however multiple varieties of it exist and just as many ways to cook them: from appetizers to dessert, in all textures and preparations.

Les laboratoires culinaires offer you the opportunity to work with great Michel Star chefs in small groups. We are not talking about cooking demonstrations to watch the chefs discuss their recipes, but a common development of dishes.By hosting our classes the chefs share their love for cooking and also pass on their knowledge to amateurs and cooking aficionados.







  " The passion for food was passed on to us by our mothers, who spent hours in the kitchen to please their families. We practiced, experienced, had bad experiences, refined recipes to create our own style, our own culinary identity. Today we want to go further and only great Michelin Star Chefs can help us to achieve this step. "



was born in Poland and spent much time of her childhood in the US. She is the mother of twins, two boys, named Jan and Sven.

Her favorite color is fuchsia and her favorite dish Black Angus beef tenderloin with mustard sauce. You will make her particularly happy by offering her cinnamon ice-cream in a cone. She can prepare her boy's favorite dish - salmon tagliatelle - with her eyes closed. She has a small vegetable garden where she strives to cultivate herbs, tomatoes, salad and kale. However, along the way, she feeds, some slugs and snails that thrive on her organic produce. Ask her for her granola recipe, it's excellent!