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India and Asia have long been known as the spice centres of the World. Exotic spices have been used for centuries to liven up the daily staples of rice, bread (chapathi) with tasty curries. In a country the size of India , it is no surprise to find variations in cooking styles and a preference for local produce in dishes across the regions. Until recently no written record of Indian recipes has existed in India itself. Recipes have traditionally been handed down from one generation to another, and many dishes that first started out as experiments in spice blends and flavours combinations have now become world classics.
Swetha Khandhavalli brings together an inspirational collection of her family’s recipies from the South of India that have been handed down from one generation to the next and shows how easy it is to prepare delicious and authentic curries at home.

Alongside Swetha we will learn how to prepare this vegetarian menu that can be adapted at home to be vegan or include meat or fish.

The menu: 

- Kadhi Pakora (yogurt soup with onion fritters)
- Dal vada (White lentil fritters)
- Malai kofta (Paneer balls)
- Mint rice
- Punjabi chole (spicy chickpeas cooked in Dajeeling tea)
- Dal Tadka (lentil soup)
- Raita (Cucumber yogurt dip)
- Mango pickles
- Poppadums
- Rasmalai


 15 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 129 chf including meal, recipes and apron for the class, excluding drinks |


ISP AGENCEMENTS Route de l’Areuse 8, CORTAILLOD Parking places right in front of the showroom


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