cours de cuisine

  • Hurry up! A new look before the summer

    It's beautiful outside, it's hot ... we really craved a new look and we slightly revised the design of our website, added new photos for the classes and soon new topics will appear.

    How do you like it? What do you think? We are constantly listening to your remarks and suggestions, so do not hesitate to send us your suggestions, desires, questions or remarks by e-mail to

    Soon we're leaving on vacation and we will have all the time to think of you ... while sipping delicious cocktails ... Promise -- we will bring you tons of new ideas and recipes for the 2018 program.

    We wish you all a wonderful summer and a great vacation.
  • Team building and end of the year evenings

    Christmas is still far away but unfortunately December has only a total of 4 Fridays before the holidays... and the agenda fills up quickly...

    We regularly organize private evenings at the request of companies, whether for the end of the year or during the year for a workshop. These tailor-made cooking classes offer you the opportunity to strengthen ties within your company or allow your employees to get to know each other in a different light.

    Our team building events are also an occasion to organize an original and relaxed end of year party, in a totally privatized setting during an evening. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized offer (starting 6 people).

  • A pop-up kitchen in an urban vegetable garden from August 25th till the 27th

    We can no longer keep our mouths shut. It is confirmed: we will install a pop-up kitchen on the Quai Osterwald , right in the middle of the edible plant and aromatic herb masses installed by the Department of Parks and Walkways of the City of Neuchâtel.

    The Neuchâtel Association of Taste to joins us to offer you 8 cooking classes of one hour spread over 3 days, from Friday August 25th from 6pm till Sunday August 27th at 3pm. During these extraordinary culinary sessions, we will travel to the country of the  world of scents and we will learn to cook flowers or vegetables that are hard to pronounce or sound funny. A magnificent way of learning by having fun, with your feet almost in the water.

    Cooking is a passion that is passed down from generation to generation. We know something! This is why we will welcome children, from 8 years old, on Saturday afternoon to create a dessert with the tagetes flowers. Their efforts will be doubly rewarded since they will have the chance to taste their preparation and will also receive a gift box from Chic Kids, the gastronomic label for families.

    In short, the last weekend of August looks gourmand, crunchy and hopefully sunny. We are already looking forward to welcoming you throughout this festive weekend around gastronomy, whether it is during a cooking class or simply because you are passing on the Quai Osterwald .The complete course program is available here.

    Do not delay to register, because the places with such a sweet price are limited (only 20 places per class). And for those who will not have the chance to put on our aprons on this occasion, it will also be possible to follow at a distance the explanations of our chefs and to taste the wonderful preparations made on this occasion.

  • Often stationary, but occasionally nomadic too ...

    We met a very nice "granny" ("Mamie" in French means "Granny") who is anything but old, since Olivia is in her thirties and fresh and dynamic. Her enthusiasm and her smile made us want to spend a little time in her store in Corcelles where she sells organic food and costmetics without packaging. Chez Mamie we find delicious products in a very cozy atmosphere and we discuss healthy diet, environmental protection and anti-waste.

    At the turn of one of these conversations came the idea of lingering a little on millet. A cereal that is unknown in our latitudes, but which often enters into African or Indian preparations, because it blends very well with spices. In addition to being easy to grow, millet is naturally gluten free and is rich in magnesium and phosphorus.

    Very spontaneously, we studied the question and we wanted to embark on original recipes of this product and to set up a cooking class Chez Mamie on June 23. For more details, go here ... and if you join us, do not forget to take your containers :)
  • The sale period has started!

    For all orders made by June 30, 2017, you will receive a discount of 20% for your accompanying friend. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a discount code to claim on the 2nd place purchased for the same class.

    However, the offer is not valid for the purchase of gift certificates, children's classes, Les Gloutons du lac classes or the Thousand and one millet class.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at
  • A tiny moment...simply wonderful

    We went a little way together ... it was not long ... just a tiny bit ... 2 sessions to tame, have fun, tinker, understand, share her vision of things, seeing that the happiness of the senses is above all a personal step, that every moment counts ... Through the poetry of Judith, we turned a little bit more inwards, we confided, we recognized childhood perfumes and we unveiled ourselves.

    In the end, the ingredients are not important as long as you put your heart on the plate.

    Thank you Judith for coming to see us and for having awakened these feelings at home and see you soon! Thank you to all our participants for these nice moments of complicity!