Often stationary, but occasionally nomadic too ...

We met a very nice "granny" ("Mamie" in French means "Granny") who is anything but old, since Olivia is in her thirties and fresh and dynamic. Her enthusiasm and her smile made us want to spend a little time in her store in Corcelles where she sells organic food and costmetics without packaging. Chez Mamie we find delicious products in a very cozy atmosphere and we discuss healthy diet, environmental protection and anti-waste.

At the turn of one of these conversations came the idea of lingering a little on millet. A cereal that is unknown in our latitudes, but which often enters into African or Indian preparations, because it blends very well with spices. In addition to being easy to grow, millet is naturally gluten free and is rich in magnesium and phosphorus.

Very spontaneously, we studied the question and we wanted to embark on original recipes of this product and to set up a cooking class Chez Mamie on June 23. For more details, go here ... and if you join us, do not forget to take your containers :)

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