Would you rather put your feet under the table?

No worries ... we understand! In this case, our chef comes to you and prepares a menu of your choice. A completely tailor-made menu served at your table with the number of participants you want.

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Dinner and the evening went perfectly! 

Chef Romain was excellent! What character and confidence in his dishes! My wife was delighted with this concept at home.


  Gilles - Cernier  -


A small message to thank you for the service rendered. Romain met our expectations, he is very nice this boy, colorful dishes that were very appreciated. You certainly have new clients in addition to us. Impeccable cleanup. With my sincere thanks,

Babette - La Neuveville -


Dear Inga, I hope you are well and that your birthday yesterday went well. On our side, the party on Saturday was successful:-) !! We had a delicious evening, in every sense of the term. Romain and Fatima took care of us very well and Romain is indeed very talented. He has a bright future ahead of him !! It was a very beautiful experience. Many thanks to them and you for the organization.

Joelle - St. Blaise -