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Chef Christophe Loeffel

Pastry Chef



After training as a chef, Christophe turns to pastry, a field of precision, rigor and creativity. He starts his career at the prestigious Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, where he is able to learn the organization, the basics of the profession, the work on taste and the associations of flavors created by M.Hermé. He decides to go back to a restaurant in order to be able to practice the acquired knowledge.

At the age of 19 he moves to Haute-Savoie where he starts as a Chief Pastry Chef in a Michelin starred restaurant, which allowed him to express himself, create and work on desserts on a plate. He decides to aim even higher by integrating Stéphane Decotterd's rstaurant "Le Pont de Brent ", 2 Michelin stars, where he works alongside Thomas Bouledin for 1 year before taking over as Chief Pastry Chef.

Today, he creates permanently desserts with local and seasonal products as well as mountain herbs. He is always looking for new ideas and associations of original tastes. Passionate about pastry and chocolate, he fully expresses his creativity and know-how through his profession.



Restaurant Le Pont de Brent  | 2 Michelin Stars |