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Chef Swetha Khandavalli

Self-taught Chef



Swetha was 13 when she was first introduced to Indian cooking from her grandmother. The aroma of spices has always amazed her about the skills and techniques used in every dish. Now it’s been almost 35 years and she’s still learning from her. And there’s not been a day when she paused herself from cooking.

Swetha was inspired by her grandmother who loved to cook, and her kitchen became a part of her fundamental training.

What she discovered from her was a world full of incredible colours and flavours in over more than 200 dishes (includes Ayurvedic and vegan food) whose names she couldn’t even pronounce.

Half her childhood Swetha grew up helping her grandmother and learning all the techniques and methods of every signature dish which was and has been carried from generations. She realised that every culture and family have its own signature dish (dishes) which has never been introduced to this Modern world.

That’s when Swetha fell in love with her traditions and culture. In her family they are obsessed by good food and good eating, no matter how rich or poor, food is always served and cooked with full of passion and love. This is Swetha Khandavalli… sharing her experience and knowledge on traditional Indian cooking -- simple and yet the healthiest way to enjoy unprocessed food.