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Chef Tom Mansfield

Graduate Chef



Tom Mansfield is a professional English chef based in Switzerland. He studied in London, Manchester, Paris and Berlin and currently holds various cooking positions in and around Biel. He discovered his passion for cooking in Berlin where he worked in the restaurant field and created a catering kitchen for start-ups and co-working clients. He specializes in reproducing international street food which he avidly seeks out whenever he has the opportunity to travel. 

Tom is a huge fan of Asian cuisine. He grew up next door to a Chinese restaurant in London which supplied frequent takeaways to his family. They would prepare their version of special fried rice at home and indulge in the sweet and sour, spicy and deep-fried treats brought to their door. 

After he finished his studies he travelled throughout China and south-east Asia learning his trade by eating the local cuisine. There he encountered Korean specialties being prepared and consumed on the road side and in the night markets. The simplicity of BBQed meats, fish and fresh vegetables on rice and eggs (lots of eggs) with the important gochuyang sauce. It won him over. 

The seismic rise of Korean food in the UK and Germany (where he grew up) has pleased him no end and he has thoroughly enjoyed being involved in its development here in Switzerland. It is a cuisine of simplicity, no waste, focused on fresh ingredients, a variety of textures and a damned good sauce.