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Who is this non-professional baker and why should you listen to her? Well, Inga has made her own sourdough starter during the lockdown in 2020 and since has been baking her own bread on a regular weekly basis (sometimes daily). With the help of Christine Syrad (THE fermentation expert) she has developed a sourdough method that suits her lifestyle and palate.

In this cooking class Inga will show you how to integrate sourdough bread into the average modern lifestyle. She will tell you what you really need to know, rather than confuse you with jargon. You’ll learn how to start your own starter and keep it happy and healthy, how to combine flours to achieve the density you like best and how to mix, shape, proof, score and bake your dough, of course.

We recommend, if at all possible, to have a cast iron cocotte ready for the baking of your loaf (which you will do at home).

Please also bring a receptacle for your dough as you will be proofing it at home (try to make some space for it in your fridge in advance). A banneton is ideal, but not mandatory, even a bowl would do.

All this learning brings on hunger so we will prepare some great vehicles for bread eating:

- A hearty soup or salad (depending on the weather)

- Levain discard kimchi pancakes 
- Sourdough brownies with beetroot


| A welcome drink will be offered to you by Grillette, Domain de Cressier. |


 12 participants 

 All levels

 6pm - 10pm

 139 chf | Meal, ingredients, recipe cards, apron for the class, paired wine with the dishes & coffee included |




Important informations:

All subscriptions are final.

If you are not able to attend the cooking class for which you have registered, you can send your registration to a third party, under the condition of notifying us in writing |info@leslaboratoiresculinaires | no later than 6 hours before the class begins.

Please notify us of any severe food allergies by indicating it during check-out or by writing to us | | no later than 10 working days before the date of the chosen class.