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Chef Sophia Pace

Self-taught Chef



Sofia Pace has always had a passion for sweets and baking. At the age of 10, she made her first mille feuille in her family's kitchen, and since then, she has continued to perfect her culinary skills. She is particularly drawn to the originality of flavors and the elegance of her creations.

Although she dreamed of being an Egyptologist in her youth, Sofia eventually pursued paramedical studies in Switzerland. However, her passion for baking has never left her. In 2019, with the arrival of her second daughter, she decided to start her own business by creating "GOURMANDIOSE". In doing so, she combined her passion for baking with her desire to stay involved in the health field.

On her Instagram page, Sofia offers a variety of custom cakes and treats, all made with love and expertise. Over time, she has seen her success grow, so she decided to invest in a laboratory and workshop in Le Locle. Customers can now meet her personally at creative workshops organized with local craftsmen.