It is a pretty building at the gates of Vauseyon Gor

The Prussian House is an old 18th century brewery transformed into a pleasant gourmet restaurant and a romantic hotel. It welcomes the visitor in the calm of its large trees, at the edge of the river, among the ruins of three old mills dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

Le Gor du Vauseyon

This is the historic site in the middle of which is the Prussian House. From large terraces and footbridges hung on the rocks, we discover wild gorges, gushing waterfalls and a path leading to the medieval village of Valangin.

We savor the dishes of an amazing chef, Jean-Yves Drevet, constantly on the lookout for new flavors. You can discover his menu in his gourmet restaurant for an exceptional evening or simply in his bistro from 19.50CHF  at lunchtime ...

This talented chef will be at our side for a cooking class on game and will teach the most gourmets of you to make a delicate menu. He will share with you his secrets and some of his cooking techniques (such as making a crispy egg or a chocolate soufflé) ... game by chef Drevet.

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