Organic goodness

A few kilometers away from Neuchâtel there is an organic farm which is worth the detour.

The farm is called Bio Wäberhof and offers you a multitude of vegetables and berries cultivated with the utmost respect for the environment and fully satisfying the criteria of the "Bio Suisse" label. Greenhouses are heated with wood chips, small machines use Benzol-free fuel oil, compost as fertilizer, and land sown with a special herb after harvest to feed the microorganisms under our feet.

Samuel Teiller, his family and associate Hans-Ueli Fankhauser work their fields in the most respectful way possible and with an enthusiasm that's a pleasure to see. They sell their products to the markets of Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Fribourg. They also sell on their website or through their on-farm store.

The icing on the cake: they invite you to their Open Day on May 21, 2017!


La ferme Bio-Wäberhof est le partenaire des Laboratoires culinaires

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