When spices raise the temperature ...

Do spices really influence our libido? We've all heard about ginger and ginseng that would affect our sexual stimulation. Chinese medicine concentrates all its attention on foods toning the yang, as a solution to many ailments.

To date, no one has ever really succeeded in (or wished) to demonstrate in a formal and scientific manner their effects on our metabolism. However, however ...

While it appears that the suggestive form of certain foods awakens some naughty ideas, the real ones responsible for the excitement would be none other than the nerve cells. Stimulated by substances such as choline (present in green vegetables, beer yeast, egg yolk, wheat germ, etc.) or phenyl (nobody will question chocolate?) or iodine and zinc (oysters and shellfish, such as lobster or crayfish), these cells actively stimulate and warm the body and then awaken the yang.

Spices will also act as real accelerators of sensations. At this game, cinnamon, licorice, anise, saffron, rosemary, verbena, mustard get good press.

If it appears obvious that alcohol will reduce inhibitions, however the abuse of alcohol leads to a dead end.

Unlike the popular imagination associated with Kamasutra cuisine that recommends the addition of mystical foods (pigeon heart, yeti flesh, swallow and other pegasus mane), a traditional Swiss cheese fondue (without too much alcohol) would also have particularly stimulating virtues .... Notice to the amateurs?

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