How to protect ourselves during our cooking classes

As we want to minimize the risks, we would like to give you some information and recommendations before your next cooking class to ensure your safety, fun and enjoyment:

- If you have symptoms of illness, fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, offer your place to someone else and do not come to the class.

- Client contact information is gathered prior to the class. If you have offered the class to someone else or are coming with someone else, please give us the contact information of that person(s).

- Guests should disinfect their hands with the hydro-alcoholic solution provided on arrival at the school and then wash them again with soap according to the instructions provided in the toilets. Gloves will also be made available to guests.

- Guests and our staff are obliged to wear a new mask during the cooking class and until the meal is served. We will provide masks during the class for each participant. 

-When we sit down to eat, we will not be able to respect the recommended distance between us. If anyone is uncomfortable with this, we ask you to take a few Tupperware containers and we will prepare the meal for you to take away.

- Surfaces and objects will be cleaned at a regular rhythm after use.

- We ask you to touch as few surfaces as possible.

- We ask you to prefer payment by card rather than cash.

The respect of these few rules will help us to ensure the protection of everyone and the smooth running of your class.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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